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This past year while our Abroad Bible team was living and studying in Barcelona, we connected with thousands of study abroad students and traveled to over 25 cities in Europe.

Throughout our travels and conversations, we realized that all abroad students can agree on one thing: No matter what city you live in or visit, every single day is unique. Finding those unique experiences in each city is not easy to do without the help of other students who have lived in your shoes. We believe that sharing our stories and reviews is just as important as living them out in real life. 

Due to the lack of time and amount of activities to do abroad, optimizing every moment of your travels becomes extremely important! Having immediate access to all the necessary information while abroad will guarantee that you capitalize on your travels. The ability to connect with others and share that information will make sure your experiences and stories live on forever. Abroad Bible is the solution to making your study abroad experience amazing and unforgettable. 

All of our information on restaurants, bars, clubs and sights to see is from students for students. We have gathered the best recommendations from students who have studied abroad in the past to provide you with the ultimate places to eat, party, and go explore. Abroad Bible is constantly looking for more students to share their own stories, to keep the bible alive for years to come. Abroad Bible starts with students, and ends with students. 




"Do your best to experience things for the first time every single day. Whether it's big or small there is always something to learn."



"Step out of your comfort zone and meet as many local people as possible. Your perspective on life will change forever."