What Our Mentors Are Saying...


SaraH - Barcelona

University of Michigan

"The sheer magnitude of my freedom abroad was exciting but also intimidating. With an endless amount of options of where, with who, and how to travel, I relied heavily on the know-how of people who had studied abroad before me. Without a doubt, the best thing I did when I was planning my trips abroad was seek out advice and listen. I wish something like the abroadbible.com had existed then! Pooling all of the diverse experiences, recommendations, and perspectives of thousands of students does what was impossible to do as one person alone!"


Kim - Florence

Penn State

"You’re in a completely different country, culture, and environment with little to no direction. At first I felt anxious, scared and out of my comfort zone. But as soon as I reached out to other students who were once in my shoes and heard about their past experiences and recommendations abroad, I immediately felt at home. I was able to budget my money better, feel more safe traveling, and overall I got the most out of those short, amazing, and unforgettable four months abroad!"


Sadie - Barcelona

Binghamton University

"Hearing from past study abroad students gave me amazing first-hand knowledge about the places, parties, and restaurants in every city from someone who’s just like me, instead of from adults on yelp. The only problem was, it took forever to speak to so many different people and gather the information to plan trips and activities. If I could've had all of that information in one place, like abroadbible.com allows, it would have been so much easier and faster! Try to hit every stop on the list in your own city - the semester ends in a blink and you wont want to miss anything!"


DesmonD - Thailand

Hampton University

"Studying Abroad in Thailand was simply amazing. Most people ask me, “Why Thailand?” I simply reply with “Why not?” I knew this would be different experience than your ideal study abroad locations. Wanting that for myself allowed me to meet people from all over the world, submerge my self in the Thai culture, and see the world. All it takes is a plan and knowing your desired outcome. If I can do it, you can too!"


Kara - Tel Aviv

Syracuse University

"Tel Aviv is the most special place in the world. It definitely helped having the advice from past abroad students in getting acclimated and accustomed to the abroad experience because they went through it first hand."


Justin - Barcelona

Penn State

"Moving to another country would have been very challenging if it wasn’t for students who studied abroad before me giving me the best restaurants and places to see all over the world!"


Tyler - Barcelona

University of Michigan

"In my opinion, there is a major difference between visiting a city and experiencing a city. While studying abroad, recommendations received from past students who had studied abroad played a major role during my travels. Whenever I visited a new city, I was equipped with a list of the best restaurants, tours, clubs, and scenic places that city had to offer."